Talks and Group Meetings

Every semester we have several talks. We invite professors, scientists, pastors or other experts to talk about different topics, often relating the christian faith with science, political or social issues or the like. Afterwards there will be time to discuss or get to know each other.

Our group meetings are more informal. We start with good food, have time to pray, read the bible, discuss, or just socialise. If you want to get to know our group a little better or are interested in how we live our christian faith together you are very welcome to come by.

Please find further details here or in our Weekly Information Mail.

Home Groups

In home groups we meet once per week to study the bible, share thoughts, sing, pray and talk about everyday student life. Usually we meet at somebody’s flat and start with dinner. If you are interested in being part of a home group just send us an email.

Activities at University

To give our fellow students a treat every now and then we sometimes give away coffee on campus. Everyone is welcome to get coffee and chat for a while. If you do not have time at all – no probs, you may kick off your day with a free coffee anyway!

Prayer meetings

Because we believe that prayer is an essential part of our faith, we pray. We therefore do not only pray alone but also enjoy meeting each other for ‘prayer-breakfast’ or ‘prayer-coffee’ to pray for individual matters, family, friends, our SMD group in Leipzig, uni and our city.

Beginning-of-term retreat

Just after winter term 2019/20 starts, we are leaving Leipzig for a weekend to spend some time together. We cook, hear and talk about a selected topic and appreciate getting to know each other as well as stepping back from Uni for a little while.

National SMD-Events

The SMD offers regular Events for all groups across Germany. One Highlight was the studikon (Studierendenkonferenz = students conference) 2019, with students coming from all over Germany to celebrate Easter together. Moreover there are different camps like sail- or building-vacations, as well as camps especially aligned for international students.

A special highlight you shouldn’t miss is reviveRevive is a conference, taking place at the turn of the year and is open for students from all over europe.

All events are listed here.