Together with another christian student group (Campus Connect) we host a series of lectures about science and belief every year. On four Tuesdays in May Professors give talks on a specific subject from their area of studies. Afterwards everyone has the chance to ask questions and there is time for discussion. For more information please check out the official website: Kopfknistern.de

Running Dinner

This is a three-course menu with different people on three different locations at one night. Every team consists of two people responsible for one course, that is then invited to other peoples flats for the remaining courses. If you have a look at the official website you will get more information on this fun and dynamic social event.


Usually we organize a camp once a semester, where we go on a trip to a different city or town to spend a weekend as a group. We cook, hear and talk about a selected topic and appreciate getting to know each other as well as stepping back from Uni for a little while.

National SMD-Events

The SMD offers regular Events for all groups across Germany. One Highlight was the studikon (Studierendenkonferenz = students conference) 2015, with students coming from all over Germany to celebrate Easter together. Moreover there are different camps like sail- or building-vacations, as well as camps especially aligned for international students.
A summary of all happenings is listed here.