The SMD is not a church itself, but instead guide to christian churches. Below you can find a list of various churches in Leipzig.

Churches with English speaking services are in bold.

Sunday Service
Andreasgemeinde Leipzig
Pavillon der Hoffnung
Messehalle 14
Puschstraße 9
(altes Messegelände)
Evangelical-Lutheran Church Sun, 10.30am
Baptisten Gemeinde
Bernhard-Göring-Straße 18-20
Evangelical Free Church
Sun, 10.00am
Jacobstraße 17
Evangelical Free Church Sun, 10.30am
Die Kapelle
Konstantinstr. 15
Evangelical Free Church
Calvary Chapel
Sun, 10.00am
ELIM Leipzig
Hans-Poeche-Straße 11
Evangelical Free Church
Union of Free Pentascostal Churches
Sun, 9.30am
Sun, 11.30am
ESG Leipzig
Alfred-Kästner-Straße 11
Protestant Student’s Parish
Sun, 7.00pm
FeG Leipzig – Ring-Café
Roßplatz 8-9
Free Evangelical Church Sun, 10.00am
generations church
Pavillon der Hoffnung – Café Krakau
Messehalle 14
Puschstraße 9
(altes Messegelände)
Evangelical Free Church Sun, 5.00pm
Hofgemeinde Leipzig
Schiebestraße 32
Evangelical Free Church Sun, 10.00am
ICF Leipzig
Media City Leipzig
Altenburger Straße 5-13
Evangelical Free Church Sun, 11.00am
KSG Leipzig
Floßplatz 32
Catholic Students Community
(Roman Catholic)
Sun, 11.05am
Leipzig English Church
Scharnhorststraße 29, Gemeindehaus Andreaskirche
Anglican Church Sun, 10.30am
Sun, 6.30pm
Sun, 4.00pm (German speaking)
Living Water Gemeinde
Angerstraße 38
Free Pentascostal Church Sun, 10.00am
Nathanaelkirchgemeinde Leipzig
Nathanaelstr. 1
Evangelical-Lutheran Church Sun, 10.00am
University church service
Universitätskirche St. Pauli
Paulinum (Augustusplatz)
Evangelical-Lutheran Church Sun, 11.00am
further Lutheran churches Evangelical-Lutheran Church
further Catholic churches Roman Catholic Church

All entries are subject to change.