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Guest speaker: Anna-Lena Reiferscheid

In our society talking about prostitution, or sex work, is considered to be a taboo. Often it is connected to organised crime, human trafficking, and drug dealing.
But what is legal and what is not? How does sex work look like in today’s Germany? Are there possibilities to not simply look away but help those affected?
Anna-Lena Reiferscheid, a social worker with Neustart e.V. in Berlin‎, is going to talk about ‘God in the red light district’.
This video gives you a brief impression of Anna-Lena’s day-to-day work:


Hear more on 7 November at 7.00pm at Bernhard-Göring-Straße 18-20.
There will be good dinner prepared. The interactive talk is starting at 8.00pm.
You are very welcome to come by, no matter whether you just arrived in Leipzig or have been studying for years. ‎