Event Details

Guest Speaker: Michael Kotsch

Can you imagine humanity could beat cancer, AIDS or hereditary diseases with precise genetic scissors? It would only take a tiny intervention to prevent your baby from getting a disease. Can you imagine choosing your children’s colour of hair or eyes? Can you imagine having perfect plants with perfect fruits or having humans with optimised abilities? All this would truly revolutionise our world. Humanity was perfect. We could play God with possibilities never imagined before.

Or would our world become a more totalitarian one because we would force humans in our own narrow idea of perfection? Would a powerful elite shape their perfect mankind? What would happen to individual desires?

Michael Kotsch is a theologian and doing research in bioethics. He is going to talk about the objectives of genetics and give us a deeper understanding of how genetics work, chances and limits and an ethical point of view, including possible economical and class distinctive motives.

What conception of man does the bible create and how is it connected to the latest scientific progress?

We are looking forward to an evening of different perspectives and discussion.