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THEMENABEND – diesen Mittwoch um 19.00 Uhr

THEMENABEND – Mittwoch, 07.11. – 1️⃣️9️⃣️:0️⃣️0️⃣️ Uhr
“Mit Gott im Rotlichtmilieu”
Anna-Lena Reiferscheid arbeitet in Berlin bei Neustart e.V. und wird über die Realität von Prositution und Sex-Arbeit in Deutschland sprechen.
Weitere Infos erhälst du auf der Veranstaltungsseite.

Bis Mittwoch!

Discover German Culture Vol.2

Tonight: The second part of our Discover German Culture series 🇩🇪

Faith – What Germans believe

Pop in for free dinner, nice people and fun games! ☕🏃‍♀️🍽️
6.30pm @ Ring-Café (Roßplatz 8)

More information here.

This Wednesday: Welcome Night

Be part of our Welcome Night!
No matter if you’re familiar to us already or if you want to get to know us or if you couldn’t care less.

Be part of our Welcome-Night!
Wednesday,  24 October, 7.00pm

Be part of our Welcome-Night!

(Deutsch) Unsere Ersti-Aktion

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Wer unsere Beiträge aufmerksam verfolgt, hat in den Semesterferien bereits von geheimnisvollen Bastelaktionen erfahren. Am Mittwoch war es dann so weit und wir haben nach der Immatrikulationsfeier im Gewandhaus 850 (!) kleine Zuckertüten an die Erstis verschenkt.

Hast du eine erhaschen können? Und kommst du zum Welcome-Abend am 24.10.?

Discover German Culture!

International students, listen up! Tomorrow (Tuesday, 16 October) our first Discover German Culture Night is taking place.

“The German way of life – typical cultural differences in our daily lives.” Be part of our new program for international students. Get to know the German culture better and meet students from Germany and all over the world. Also, there will be good free food!

Starting 6.30pm @ Ring-Café (Roßplatz 8).

Winter Semester 2018/19

Congratulations! You just started the chapter in your life. College. This is an exciting week for you!
But wait for next week when the semester properly starts.
Or the week after.
Because that’s when SMD Leipzig will be back with this term’s first big event. Our Welcome Night on 24 October.

 SMD? What’s that supposed to mean? School meets drinks?

Well…not exactly. You can find more about us here. Or on 24 October.

Anyways, we are really looking forward to meeting you! Just come by on 24 October. And stay up to date here or on facebook.

By the way: Of course you are also very welcome if you’ve been studying for a few years already. We have many great events planned for the months coming. Interesting talks, entertaining group meetings, free coffee in University…you name it. Come back or join us for the first time. You won’t regret it!

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