Group Evenings

These Evenings take place every two weeks on Wednesday. We meet to hear and talk about different topics referring to one head topic we pick previous to the start of each semester. A lot of the time we therefore discuss in small groups, so everyone gets the chance to say what they think. In addition to that we like to eat, pray and worship together. You are more than welcome to come and have a closer look into what we as Christians do.

Home groups

In cell groups we meet once per week (some only meet every two weeks) to study the bible, share thoughts, sing, pray and talk about everyday student life. Usually we meet at somebody’s flat and start with dinner. If you are interested in being part of a home group just send us an email.

Activities at University

To give our fellow students a treat every now and then we sometimes give away coffee on campus. Everyone is welcome to get coffee and chat for a while. If you do not have time at all – no probs, you may kick off your day with a free coffee anyway!

Prayer meetings

Because we believe that prayer is an essential part of our faith, we pray. We therefore do not only pray alone but also enjoy meeting each other for ‘prayer-breakfast’ or ‘prayer-coffee’ to pray for individual matters, family, friends, our smd group in Leipzig, Uni and our city.


As not everyone feels like attending those ,,christian events” all the time and we are a group of young people enjoying free time activities together, we do socials from time to time. So if you would like to play a game of ,,Mister X” (where we try to find Mr. X with Tram and Bus though Leipzig – a very fun and exciting game), go to the movies, have a game-night at somebody’s flat or play kicker at a bar just sign up for our WIM (Weekly Information Mail) to be updated about everything coming up.