„SMD Leipzig…Think…Believe…Experience. What does it mean?“

SMD is an abbreviation for Studentenmission in Deutschland (= Students Mission Germany).

„Mission? Are you christians?”

Yes we are and we would like to share our faith with other students by telling them about it. That is our mission.

„Interesting…, but I am not a christian. So what about it?“

Jesus, the bible, God, christian charity, church… you might have heard about these things before. Or you haven’t. Maybe christians for you are all starchy, prude and unworldly. Possibly though christian faith is kind of interesting for you for some reason.

However: You are invited to have a closer look! We are christian students in Leipzig and we would like to give you the possibility to ask questions as well as address criticism.

We look forward to welcoming you at our group evenings every second Wednesday, for discussion, food, meeting friends and in general spending time with each other. As SMD Leipzig we organize a varied program with different events and socials each semester.

Everybody is welcome, so come around and get to know us!